Do you need to write your final year project but don’t know how to start? Do you want to complete your thesis but don’t know where to start? Don’t panic because we got you covered. Hire a professional research project writer in Nigeria on today to guide you on this journey. We will guide you from start to finish in developing your own project work. We have professional researchers who will teach and guide you to success in your study.

Project Writers in Nigeria: Hire Project Writers Online in Nigeria

Note: We don’t write project work for you to go and submit to your supervisor. We only give you research guidance, format, training, and experience to help you in making your thorough research development and documentation. Please do not submit any work from our website (us) to your school. Only use them for guidance and reference purposes. We do not encourage plagiarism or cheating in any form.

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We will help you to develop your research work from the beginning to the end and very quickly. We train and employ vetted and dedicated project writers, researchers, data analysts (using SPSS, Stata, Minitab, PSPP, Excel, etc.), and software developers (for computer science project source codes) who consistently deliver top-notch academic research works for guiding, training, and teaching undergraduates (BSc, HND, ND, NCE) and postgraduates (MSc, MBA, MLA, PGD, Ph.D.) students in Nigeria. To hire a project writer in Nigeria, please see our pricing below.

Pricing to Hire a Project Writer in Nigeria & Assignment/Essay Writer

STANDARD (₦19,000) PROFESSIONAL (₦49,000) ADVANCED (₦69K – ₦399K)
Table Of ContentsAbstractAbstract
List Of FiguresTable Of ContentsTable Of Contents
Chapters 1-5List Of FiguresList Of Figures
Pages: 1-50Chapters 1-5List Of Appendices
Plagiarism Level: HighPages: 1-70Chapters 1-5
Data AnalysisPlagiarism Level: MediumPages: 1-120
No RevisionData AnalysisPlagiarism Level: Low
ReferencesSupportData Analysis
1 Revision24 Hours Dedicated Support
References2 Revisions
Data Set/QuestionnaireReferences
Data Set/Questionnaire

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How to Pay and Hire a Project Writer in Nigeria (MSc, BSc, HND, MBA, OND, NCE, MLA & Ph.D.)

Our payment methods are the most convenient. You can use any of the following methods to make payments for assignment, essay, and project writers in Nigeria on

  1. Direct Bank Deposit, Internet Banking Transfer, ATM Transfer, or Mobile Banking Transfer
  2. Crypto Payments (Bitcoin & USDT)
  3. Online Payment with a Debit/Credit Card

Hire a Research Project Writer in Nigeria via Direct Bank Deposit & Internet Banking/Mobile Banking/ATM Transfer

To pay for final year (undergraduate) or postgraduate research project writers in Nigeria on UniProjectTopics by Direct Bank Deposit, Internet Banking Transfer, ATM Transfer, or Mobile Banking Transfer, please make payment to our bank account below.

Bank: Moniepoint MFB

Account Name: UniProjectTopics

Account Number: 4390917808

After making your Direct Bank Deposit, Internet Banking Transfer, ATM Transfer, or Mobile Banking Transfer, please, send us your details which include the following to [email protected] or +2348106223552 for confirmation:

  • Depositor’s Full Name
  • Amount Paid
  • Date of Payment
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Project Topic

Once your payment is confirmed, we will commence the planning, researching, and writing of your project/thesis together with you immediately. Remember, we are only here to guide you in the right direction. Your input is of utmost importance.

Hire a Professional Research Project Writer in Nigeria via Crypto Payments (Bitcoin & USDT)

Please, make payment to any of our crypto wallets below.

Bitcoin (BTC): 196rLhoQYqDTFiduL1unwpYTFKFhhbkhyy

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Hire a Final Year Research Project Writer in Nigeria via Online Payment with a Debit/Credit Card

  • From the plans above, read through and decide on the one that is most suitable for your project work.
  • From the next page; fill in your details (Full Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and Project Topic); select Package (Standard, Professional, and Advanced); accept the Terms & Conditions,  and click “PAY NOW”.
  • After clicking the “PAY NOW” button, please wait for at least 10 secs for the Paystack-powered payment form to load.
  • When the payment form loads up, at the PAY WITH CARD section, enter your card details which include the Card Number (16 digits number in front of your debit/ATM card), Card Validity (Expiry Date), and CVV (3 digits number at the back of your debit/credit (ATM card).
  • Click on the “PAY + Amount” button. If you are asked to enter your Debit Card PIN or a One-Time Password from your bank, kindly enter it and click “Authorize”.
  • Voila, your payment is successful, and at this point, our support team will contact you immediately to plan and execute your research work together with you.
  • It’s that simple. Aren’t you happy? Sure, you are. Smiles.

Assignment and Essay Writing Services: Let’s Help/Guide You in Doing Your Assignment (MSc, MBA, etc.)

Note: Apart from guiding you on your research work, we also help you to understand your assignments and guide you in doing your assignments properly. We will analyze the questions together and teach you to understand the assignment, then you will be able to develop and provide top-quality answers. We will also provide you with the knowledge to write your essay.

At this point, I believe your quest for project writing sites in Nigeria; project writers online; MSc project writers; project writers in Lagos; project writers in Abuja; project writers in Nigeria; assignment writers in Nigeria; and professional project writers has been solved.

Thank you for making your best choice. Your happiness remains our logo.

DISCLAIMER: All project works, files and documents posted on this website, are the property/copyright of their respective owners. They are for research reference/guidance purposes only and some of the works may be crowd-sourced. Please don’t submit someone’s work as your own to avoid plagiarism and its consequences. Use it as a reference/citation/guidance purpose only and not copy the work word for word (verbatim). The paper should be used as a guide or framework for your own paper. The contents of this paper should be able to help you in generating new ideas and thoughts for your own study. is a repository of research works where works are uploaded for research guidance. Our aim in providing this work is to help you eradicate the stress of going from one school library to another in search of research materials. This is a legal service because all tertiary institutions permit their students to read previous works, projects, books, articles, journals or papers while developing their own works. This is where the need for literature review comes in. “What a good artist understands is that nothing comes from nowhere. All creative work builds on what came before. Nothing is completely original.” – Austin Kleon. The paid subscription on is a means by which the website is maintained to support Open Education. If you see your work posted here by any means, and you want it to be removed/credited, please contact us with the web address link to the work. We will reply to and honour every request. Please notice it may take up to 24 – 48 hours to process your request.

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