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Bank is a place which deals with customers accounts both savings, deport loan, etc.

The above mentioned processes and activities are not only time consuming but also not secured when done manually. The complexity and strain processes involved. The work will give birth to a computerized real time savings account transaction processing system which were computerized.

This will facilitate storage of customers information as well as easy withdrawal and payment. It will also provide a secured customer account filling system. It will generally facilitate transaction processing in the banks.


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  • Purpose of study: –       –       –       –       –               4
  • Aims and Objective: –       –       –       –       –               5
  • Scope of the study: –       –       –       –       –               7
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2.1   Need for computer in bank:       –       –       –               15



3.1   Methodology for Fact Finding:    –       –       –       24


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4.3   Challenges of the subject matter for the society:        34


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1.1           INTRODUCTION

In the twentieth century, the banking world has been in continuing process towards computerized operations. At the start of the century, there were few mechanized aids with all ledgers, passbook and account statements been written by hand. By 1920s, the bank had graduated to mechanical accounting companied with an increased in business, this trend towards mechanization was continuous process, the staffing and expansion difficulty were tracked more forcibly on the 1950s with assistance from electronic data processing techniques. It was on the period that banks ordered their first computers. The early installations were of batch processing nature of data that had to be sent for processing at the computer centre and report produced. Throughout the 1960s, more of the cleared work was computerized.

In the middle of 1960s, the utilization of branch terminal equipment which linked directly to computer centre were becoming a feasible proposition. This culminated in the early 1970s with the introduction of a sophisticated real time system in savings account transaction department.

Now, the aim of this project is to produce an indigenous software package which will be used to improve the efficiency of the  Bank.  The system that will emerge as a result of this project will be able to counter if not all, most of the lapses that the existing system is experiencing at the moment and will also be able to help Bank staff to improve in the area of saving account processing system.


There are many methods that are being used by Banks in savings account transaction processing system. But it is quit unfortunate that the system has not been able to prove that it can stand the test of time in the area of savings account processing system.

Some of the problems that the bank is encountering are as follows:

  1. The savings account processing is not done in real time mode.
  2. Since the savings account processing system is still based on manual process, much time is being spent by the staff.
  • Because the system is still offline, it is not possible for a customer to access his/her account from another branch which is a major problem for the bank.
  1. The queue keeps increasing in geometric progression since the bank customer is increasing and the process of attending to these customers is still manual in nature.


However, the researcher has considered all this set back the bank is facing and decided to embark on this project work and by the end of this project work, the researcher shall be able to provide a solution that will eliminate these pressing obstacles facing savings account transaction processing system.

1.3           PURPOSE OF THE STUDY

All efforts of the researcher is geared towards the gathering of sufficient information that would help in making suggestions as to know how the savings account processing system will be alleviated in Banks using real time mode of operation.

The study attempt to do the following:

  1. To reduce staff pressure: With the increased utilization bank services, branch staff have been placed in a pressure situation in which they are expected to deal with increasing volume of business.
  2. To improve customer service: it has been felt for some time that the high standards of customer services are deteriorating largely due to the fact that branch staff are under pressure to deal with more transaction rate.
  • To increase and improve the efficiency and productivity of bank services.
  1. Care of immediate responses to account enquiries information will be provided more quickly than when its done through manual procedures, it will also be possible to monitor cash flow in and out of branches as the movement occurs.
  2. Reliability: The information that will be provided by the software will be more accurate manual procedure. It could be urged, however, that middle management is being by-passed and the responsibility of the branch managers’ role is being diminished. The interpretation of branch statistics and the resultant decision can now be made centrally and they will not be subject to possible personal consideration.
  3. Variety: The real time systems allows for a greater variety of management information to be produced. Furthermore, this information is of greater quantity than can be envisaged under a normal system.


1.4           AIMS AND OBJECTIVE

First of all, looking at the topic, this project work will send out a message to the mind of anybody that will take a deep look at the topic which is “computerization of bank savings account processing system”. This is to say that I am looking up with a computerized version of the bank savings account processing system which has definite but compound objectives of this project work are as following:


  1. To study how existing system in the area of saving account processing system operate.
  2. To develop a better system that will be able to address the issue of withdrawal even when the customer is not within the territory he opened the account.
  • To enhance cashiers visual experience while operating the system.
  1. To develop a system that is reliable with higher security and in-built fraud detection.
  2. To enhance customer service by upgrading the performance of the system.
  3. To implement an idiot proof to the system by making it to be as robust as possible.

1.5           SCOPE OF THE STUDY

This work is delimited to United Bank for Africa, Enugu Branch. Generally, in Nigeria the operations carried out by the savings account processing system are virtually the same. Other activities that involved banking transaction like current account creation, money transfer and any other activities which is not or does not have anything to do with savings account processing is beyond the scope of this research work.


1.6           LIMITATION

A lot of factors really work towards impeding the success of this project work and below are list of only but a few.


Time limitation: This research work was carried out when the school is in session and also the semester was filled with a lot of activities which has the capability of taking the attention of the researcher away from the work and also consumes a lot of time. These activities have been avoided if there is a way of avoiding it but sine the activities have to do with academics, the researcher has to make out time to contain with them.


Finance limitation: Finance was also a major constraint because during the period this work was done, the researcher did not have enough cash to enable her lay hand on all the necessary materials and tools needed for the successful implementation of this work.


Access limitation: Having access to some vital information were not given during the research which made it very difficult to get all the required information for a successful completion of this work.




Batch processing: This is a technique in which items to be processed must be coded and collected into group before processing.


Real time: This is the online real time access methods that differentiate things.


Interactive problem: It is the system epitomized that was the foreman of today omnipresent time sharing system for the computation of user written programmers in real time.


Provisioning: The process of providing users with access to data and technology resources.


Affidavit: A sworn statement in writing before a proper official, such as a notary public.


Accrued interest: Interest that has been earned but not yet paid.


Account holder: Any and all persons designated and authorized to transact business on behalf of an account.


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