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This work is on acquisition and management of serials in Imo state university library Owerri. The research was centered on the acquisition, storage, utilization and management of serials and their attendant problems involved in the Imo state academic library. The research employed the survey method of research, using questionnaires, interview schedules and direct observation to collect data. Apart from the methodology and procedures of investigation. Which were given the presentation, analysis and interaction, the findings were also done, data was analyzed using simple percentages.

Results gotten should that the acquisition, storage and utilization of serial were affected by inadequate funding, inadequate accommodation, lack of storage facilities and inadequate number of personnel. The researcher recommended that the perspective authorities involved should ensure of adequate funding of the serials department, provision of adequate accommodation, formulating well thought out storage policy and recruiting enough personnel in the section. Recommendations for further studies were also made. The researcher is of the view that these recommend actions will help to alleviate the serials management problems if they are implemented.



Title page                                                       i

Certification                                                    ii

Dedication                                                      iii

Acknowledgement                                            iv

Abstract                                                         v

Table of contents                                             vi


  • Introduction 1

1.1  Background of the study                            3

1.2  Statement of the study                              4

1.3  Objective of the study                               5

1.4  Research questions                                   5

1.5  Scope of the study                                    6

1.6  Significance of the study                            6

1.7  Definition of terms                                    7


  • Literature review 8-16

2.1  Introduction

2.2  Importance and use of serial

2.3  Practical and techniques of serials management

2.4  Selection methods

2.5  Acquisition and management of serials

2.6  Book and bibliography control preservation, storage and retrieval


3.0  Research methodology                                     17

3.1  Types of data required                                      17

3.2  Instrument for data collection                                  18

3.3  Population of the study                                     18

3.4  Method of data analysis                                    18

3.5  Presentation of instruments.                             18

3.6  Method of data analysis                                    18


4.0  Interpretation and analysis of data              19-23


5.0  Summary, Conclusion and recommendation        24

5.1  Summary of findings                                        24

5.3  Conclusion                                                      24

5.4  Recommendation                                             25

Bibliography                                                    28

Appendix                                                        30

Questionnaire                                                  31




1.1       OVERVIEW

One would ask what motivated the researcher to embark on this research work. The answer is simple. The researcher developed keen interest in serials acquisition policy, procedure and management in academic libraries two important factors motivated the researcher to undertake this study first was the acquisition of serials and the inability of librarians to really managed these acquired. Second was the important of serials in libraries.

The role of serials in dissemination of information in academic library system cannot be overemphasized. Like orange juice, milk and bread, information better when it is fresh. Serials from the backbone of any academic library or research library because of their currency in information. In this way, they aid the dissemination of current information.

Information explosion has necessitated an improvement in the gathering, processing and dissemination of information sources in libraries. Hence they could be say to be indispensable in academic libraries. The use of serials in academic research has continued to be on the increase in recent times. This has further necessitated their effective development and management.

The term serials and periodical are synonymous. They are under interchangeably to refers to the materials imprint or non-print form that are produced serially or periodically. As indicated in the Anglo. American cataloguing rule (1978) a serial is a publication in any medium issued in successive part bearing numerical or chronological designation and intend to be continued indefinitely.

The part of serial publication may be published at different materials e.g. daily, weekly, month, bi-monthly, quarterly, annually, bi-annually and so forth by an academic society, a research institution, a learned society, a reputable publishing organization, a professional body. Some serials one published on subject bases while some one on general topic. It is sterility that distinguishes serial publication from book and monographs and it is the periodicity that dictates format and price.

Serials are pointed out lawal (1982) in serial acquisition and management in Nigerian university libraries problems and prospects.

can be regarded as the nerve centre of any university or academic library because they contain the most up to date information or research and knowledge. Hey are useful for study teaching, learning and research purposes, serials includes journals, magazine, newspaper, bulletins, newsletters, memories, report, year book and directories.

Today, it has not been easy for serials librarians to acquired all the necessary information resources needed. This is as a result of confusion and about over sources of and acquisition idiosyncrasies on the part of book dealers. Even where these materials are supplied, there is yet this problem of storage facilities and equipment to use. Insight shows that the attendant result of these ugly trend is that academics libraries one losing a considerable number of their clientele interims of providing the required information as and when due.

For a library to achieve it’s objectives effectively. It must be able to co-ordinate both its human and materials resources properly. The effectiveness in the usage of serials depend on the efficiency of serials management in nay library. Serials have to be selected, acquired, stored, retrieve and disseminated to the users. This is where serial acquisition and management becomes indispensable.

Woodward (1991) is of the opinion that acquisition and management of serials need skills as in any successfully manage business. It is a two way communication and clearly perceive task and understanding of the collection is a, must, he stressed that serial acquisition and management comprises all activities needs to facilitate and implement efficient and effective transfer of information to the potential users and thereby fulfill the objectives of the library wishes to achieve.

Like any other concept, management evolves diverse memories in a variety ways. According to Fussler, K. (1963) acquisition is the process by which libraries achieve or documented materials needed by their patrons or clientele. While management according to entrain and jack (1981) is the planning and integrating of effort, judicious uses of resources, motivation of people and provision of leadership other to guide an organization towards it’s goal and objectives in the efficient manner.

The carryout the above functions, managers are engaged in a continuous process of making decision. Acquisition and management is the beefing up the library stock and proper organizing and preserving of it, management is equivalent to decision making.

The goal of serial acquisition and management is to deliver promptly that serial literature, which the users needs. Librarians serving in academic libraries should realizing that researcher and users of the library require a wide range of knowledge. Realizing the complexity of the situation as well as the increasing trend towards publication in serial form, the selection and acquisition should be done on those information need of the organization. The researcher will investigate into problems of serials acquisition and management in academic library of Imo State University.



The institution was established in 1981 by Imo state government as a  dual or muilti-campus. The university has one campus at Ekiti and the other one were located at Aba.

On October, 1981 the university was financed and structures were laid up by late of Imo state Sam Mbakwe being the governor of Imo state by then.

The university move to it’s permanent site at Uturu Okigwe in 1986 with the creation of Abia State from old Imo State in 1992, the Soul of Imo state university was reborn at Owerri in 1992.

The Imo State library is located in the core academic area and situated in an excavation which shields it from noise and predispose it to leaning and research. Conspicuous sign posts easily lead a new comes from the university main fate to the library. The library consists of two relatively large buildings which are joined together. The library can contain up to 50,000 vol. off books and 400,450 readers at fully carnality.

There is a specious accommodation for an education technology centre. The library has a modest collection of books, journals, and little government publication, at the presents and embarks on an aggressive collections development programmes from places like Ranturly library services, UK, which includes among other things lecture note of the British Open University. The library also has an information and communication technology (ICT) centre housed very closed to the university librarians office.



Serial is the backbone of every academic library because of it’s indispensable nature as careers of current information on research findings in all field of human endevours. Therefore such as books are acquired organized, stored and display that users will make effective use of it. So, also there is need for proper co-ordination and management of serials. For that serial sections of a library to serve it’s patrons effectively.

When one task about acquisition and management of serials. It involves normal disbursement of fund and how to manage fund coming in and going out of the library. But unfortunately one discovers that the proper co-ordination and utilization of serial resources in Imo state academic library are fraught with numerous problems which makes it difficult for the libraries to pay the expected roles.

To determine the problems that affect the effective management of serials in Imo state academic library (university) is the essence of these investigation. The areas to be investigated are funding stating, selections of information materials, acquisition, storage facilities, personnel, organization, as well as the management style and techniques to these problems.



The objectives of the study are

  1. To determine how the serial collections are acquired in Imo sate university library.
  2. To find out how the library serials are organized.
  • To find out how these serials are circulated and disseminated.
  1. To find out the qualification of staff working in the Nigerian section of the library
  2. To ascertain the factors that affect the acquisition and management of serials in the library.
  3. To recommend solution on how to improve the acquisition and management of serial in Imo state university library.


  1. How are serials acquired in the library?
  2. how are serials organized in Imo state university library?
  • How are serials circulated and disseminated in the library?
  1. What is the strength and qualification of staff of Nigeria section of Imo state university library?
  2. How can serials collections be managed in Imo state university library?
  3. What are the factors that hinder effective management of serials collections of the library?



The study is limited to only the Nigerian section of Imo state university library Owerri. The researcher will cover such area as selection, acquisition, organization and storage, circulation and dissemination of information materials, funding, personnel, as well as management style of the serials department.



The Imo state university library is a state owned organization. Like very other state owned organization. It has been fraught with so many problems which are left un attended to over the years, as a result, there has been so much decay in the library as well as the library serials department (NIGERIAN). The information materials are so old and current materials are very rare. Serials rendered to clients are not the best and therefore not effective. These problem and more one what the researcher intends to investigate.

In discovering these problems, the investigator will also proffer valuable solutions to these problems.

It is expected that the study will be kind of blue print for other academic libraries that would like to establish a serial department. The researcher also hope that the work will be significance to people with task of managing serial collections of the library. It is also hope that study will be of immeasurable benefit to the following people viz. libraries, librarians in training, universities, polytechnic or college of education planners, administrator, resources persons and pursuers of knowledge and learning.


SERIALS: A serial is defined as a publication issued in successive part bearing numerical or chronological designation intended to be continue indefinitely, serials include periodical (Newspapers, magazines, journals and memo’s, proceeding transactions of societies, annual (report, year book and numbered monographic series).

ACADEMIC LIBRARIES: These are libraries that cater for the teaching, research and recreational needs of students, lecturers, and non academic staff in institution of higher learning like polytechnics, universities, college of education and monotechnics etc.

LIBRARY ACQUISITION: Acquisition is the process on obtaining library materials to satisfy the need of users. It is also the process of obtaining books and other materials for the library, documentation centre or achieves.

LIBRARY MANAGEMENT: Library manager broadly defined includes all the things that go on from time a group of citizens establishes a library to serve it’s need to the moment that library does something which helps a citizen. The objectives of the institution and its methods, it facilities and personnel are involved.


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