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This project is aimed at showing how computer system could be used in maintaining and managing the equipment used in the communication media sectors in lieu of other manual method formally used. It is highly expected that project will solve the problems that are usually encountered in some communication media maintenance and management. Therefore, some of the high cost and complex procedures that are formally used before in the manual maintenance and management are hoped to be eradicated at the end of this project.



Title page





Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Statement of the problem
  • Aim and Objectives of the study
  • Significance of the study
  • Scope and limitation of the study
  • Organization of the report


  • Historical background of Communication
  • Lunch of global communication
  • Political and social impacts of world telecommunication
  • The new technologies on communication


  • Methodology
  • Description of current procedure
  • Problems of the existing system
  • Description of the proposed system
  • Advantages of the proposed system


  • Design of the system
    • Output design
    • Input design
    • Database design
    • Procedure design
  • Implementation of the system
    • Implementation techniques used
    • Choice of programming language used
    • Hardware and software support
  • Documentation of the system


  • Summary
  • Experienced gained
  • Recommendation
  • Conclusion



  1. Program flowchart
  2. Source program listings
  3. Computer sample outputs





The word communication has many definitions as pronounced by various writers, erudite scholars, communication history defined strictly according to their field of studies, areas of interest and of course, prejudice. This singular reason accords for why we do have only one single and universally acceptable definition of communication.

For the purpose of this reason, we shall define communication as an act of sending or conveying understandable information, idea or knowledge from the sender or encoder to the receiver or the decoder in turn responding to such a message in form of feedback.

As the aspect of communication refers to the giving and taking which means the transmission and reception of messages. The word communication is really equated with transmission; as viewed by the notions of response, sharing and interaction. Messages are produced by one set of individuals and transmitted to others who are typically situated in settings that are spatially and temporarily remote from the original context of production. Therefore, the term communication in this context entails the social and individual nature of the media, promoting a tendency to think of them as interpersonal communication.

Furthermore, it is known that recipients today do have some capacity to intervene in and contribute to the course and content of the communication process. They are both active and creative towards the messages that they conveyed with the complement of cyberspace supported by the internet, not only that the recipients are participants in a structured process of symbolic transmission, but also constraints such as time space are recorded and eliminated.

Communication can be seen as an institutionalized production and generalized diffusion of symbolic through the fixation and transmission of information of symbolic content. It is known that the systems of information codification have shifted from analogue to digital. This has indeed advanced the communication between individuals. With the existence of infrared, Bluetooth and wi-fi cell phones are no longer solely a tool for audio transmission.

When we are talking about communication media, we are referring to the medium or instrument through which this message or information is sent to a large number of people.

Through communication media, we can transfer photo, music, documents or even games and e-mail at any time and at anywhere. The development of media technology has indeed advanced the transmission rate and stability of information exchange.

However, with the advancement in media technology, people are no longer receiving gratification without questioning the grounds on which it is based. Instead, people are enjoying themselves more with   media products such as computers, cell phones and internet. These have gradually become vital tools for communications in our society today.

However, communication media maintenance and management refers to how these medium or instrument of communication are  kept in good shape and in order and also the prevention measures that could be taken in order for  these instruments works perfectly.

Since communication is a very essential aspect of human endeavour, it is necessary for communication media houses to device a better way by which these instruments can be kept in a good condition in order for them to be able to perform the desired duties to the people in the society.

To this end, a research is to be carried out on how the computer system can be used in maintaining and managing this communication media. This is what took us to the “Kwara State Television Authority, Ilorin”, being one of the best communication house in Ilorin as our case study.


Despite the wide coverage and consistent operation of Kwara State Television Ilorin, there are however problems confronting the transmission. One of the problems confronting the organization is obsolete equipment used in the organization. Many of the equipment used do not fit into achieve the best in the communication world. The use of digital electronic is not widely available.

Another problem noted is the inconsistent power supply in any hours of the day, the diesel electric-generating set is used. This makes it important for large amount of diesel fuel to be consistently available to be used in the generating set. The generating set has to be on rest at certain interval, which means that production will come to a halt until the generating set resumes or the power is restored from the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN).

Another setback or problem which this organization encounters is the inadequacy of some vital communication equipment like transmitters, receivers and other communication media equipment. This problem makes it impossible for some parts of the state or beyond to have a clear view of the television broadcast.



This project is aimed at showing how computer system could be used in maintaining and managing the equipment use in the communication media sectors in lieu of other manual method formally used. The following are the objectives of this project:

  • To enlighten the public on the objectives of this new system application of computer in communication media maintenance and management.
  • To reduce the huge amount of money spent on communication media, maintenance and management.
  • Top analysis the difficulties and problems of existing approaches to communication media maintenance and management.
  • To assist the technicians or engineers who are concerned with managing and maintenance of these media equipment in their work for quick and efficient delivery.


We are in the age in which computer is being applied in almost every sector, of which education sector is not an exemption. It is a general belief that it is difficult to easily forget what we visualize and if importation of knowledge can be made simple through the use of computer. Therefore, using a computerized application for communication media equipment maintenance scheduling and record management will benefit the organization by making them up-to-date in their equipment status.


This project work reflects management and maintenance of communication media especially computerized; we make the task less burdensome and bring the professionalism in the organization.

The exposure of the personnel handling the maintenance and management of equipment to the modern computer technology in order to know the best application of computer in the area of maintenance and management of the equipment must be consistently done as soon as the need arises.

The project work, however, is not without limitation. In the aspect of implementation, both the old and the new system have to use simultaneously. This is because the new system is complementing the old system.


Chapter one of this project deals with the general introduction to the work in the project. It also entails the statement of the existing system problem, aim and objectives of this project, methodology, scope and limitation, the significance of the study and organization of the report.

Chapter two presents a review of literature. It discusses launch of the global communication, political and social implication of world telecommunication and the new technologies on communication.

Chapter three covers the analysis of the existing system, description of the operation of Kwara State Television Authority Ilorin, problem of the existing operations in Kwara State Television Authority Ilorin, description of the proposed system and the basic advantages of the proposed system.

Chapter four entails design, implementation and documentation of the system. The design involves the system design, input design form, output design form, file structure. The implementation of the system. programming language used and the hardware and software support. The documentation of the system.

Chapter five deal with summary, conclusion, experience gained, suggestion for future review, conclusion and references.


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