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Man has been so used to electricity that he cannot do without it. The absence of electricity causes a lot of sadness in our daily lives. Due to this reason I decided to work on a by rechargeable lamp as my project.

The project is to see how one can construct a source of high without really generating is from an A.C source. I decided to write on this project in order to saw how I can implement it during and after school for home and marketing purpose.

This project is a lamp that was a 6v rechargeable battery to generate light which is very useful to man both at home and otherwise. It is a stem that is very portable and very effective mostly t might after which it has been charged.



Title Page

Approval Page





1.1     General Description of the Project

1.2     Objective of the Project

1.3       Significance of the Project

1.4     The Report Layout


2.1     Historical Background of the Project

2.2     Theories and Model Relevant to the Design

2.3     System Component Description


3.1     Description of the System Building Blocks

3.2     System Specification and Block Diagram Development into Working Circuit and Power Supply Unit.

3.3     Description of the Overall Operation of the System

3.4     Design Calculation / Component Analysis

3.5     Component List

3.6     Complete Circuit Diagram of the System


Implementation Testing and Result


Cost Analysis
Problems Encountered
Recommendation and Conclusion

1.1              INTRODUCTION

Electricity is of great importance to our lines and has done a lot of good to our present day society it is something we cannot do without, if we are to advance technological and otherwise.

It has really helped us in the powering of our system both in our domestic homes and industries.

But in our own country (Nigeria), there has been always these problems of lack of power and fluctuation in power supplied, which made me to see how I can design a circuit that can generate a source of light, eve in the absence of electricity or power from the general source of power supply (PHCN)

I decided to design and write on a rechargeable lantern, which I always use a my source of light in the absence of the major source of light. Ti is a portable lamp designed to be recharged using an alternating current (A.C) and to generate a source of light using a direct current (D.C) source.

When the system is charging using an A.C. source, the lamp will never come on which is the source of light. This is because I used light emitting diode (LED) as my source of light and it is a D.C component.

  1. Rechargeable lamp helps one to understand and how a D.C source can generate a source of light.
  2. It helps one to understand how to design a portable lamp
  3. To see how a source of light will be generated in the absence of electricity or power supply


  1. It helps me mostly in the night to read effectively
  2. It helps me also to use light even to read absence of power in the house as an emergency.
  3. The benefits that are derivable from it is more than the maintenance factor, I attribute it such as (no fuel required as compared with A.C generators).



I went a long way, in term of reading browsing and other kind of researches, in order to see how this project will be accomplished (Designing of a rechargeable lantern).

The following are the various step I passed through in order to accomplish this project.

  1. Theories and models relevant to rechargeable lantern
  2. The component involved
  3. The design
  4. The circuit diagram
  5. The implementation and testing
  6. The result
  7. The cost analysis
  8. Recommendation
  9. Conclusion



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