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This project, 12v battery charge consist of few chapters, deal extensively with the design and construction of a batter charge which is capable of charging a 12v battery.

The introductory chapter goes a long why in defining the battery charger and explanations of the mode of operations will be death with as we proceed.


Construction of a 12v Battery Charger






1.1     Introduction


2.1     Literature Review



3.1     Transformer

3.2     Comparator

3.3     Resistor

3.4     Diode

3.5     Relay

3.6     Zener Diode

3.7     Light Emiting Diode (LED)

3.8     Filtering

3.9     AC to DC Converter



4.1     The Block Diagram of the System

4.2     Explanation of the Block Diagram

4.2i    Voltage Step Down Unit

4.2ii   AC/DC Converter Unit

4.2iii  Filter and Regulation Unit

4.2iv  Voltage Control and Monition Unit

  • The Circuit Diagram and the Operation of Components
  • Voltage Regulation


5.1     Conclusion

5.2     Test and Result

5.3     Component Used and their Price



A device which consists of electrodes and electrolyte for the storage of chemical energy. But brings about a reaction between its electrode and electrolyte in a way to course a flow of electrons through an external circuits is known as battery.

There are two types of battery, these are primary and secondary battery. The primary known as dry cell is one whose electrolyte dries up when used, its ampere-hour rating can not be recharge while the secondary type known as wet cell is the one whose chemical energy can be restore through a charging process. There are different types of secondary battery, namely lead acid, Nickel-cadmium and silver zinc battery. In wet case, a constant potential charging method is adopted in this project work, this is a phenomenon whereby the direct current voltage rectification to charge the battery, the direct current from the rectifier is passed through the battery that is being charged in a reverse direction in which the battery supplies current to the external cell.

The charger is intended to charge battery terminal voltage up to 12v. It employees a monitoring unit that indicates when the battery is fully to the rated voltage. It also contains other sections like power supply, voltage regulation and the control section, which can be highlighted in the subsequent chapter.


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