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This research concerns with costumes, colors and symbols seen in Ozubulu Chieftaincy coronation title in Ekwusigo Local Area. It states and explained the significance and symbols and this will help any reader to understand more on Ozubulu Chieftaincy coronation title. This research also explains the importance of Chieftaincy in the society and the high regards and status titled men and women possess. It also states the problems which are lack of finance to travel extremely, lack of text book etc. In this research the method used was mainly oral and also I explained that text books and materials provided in university library for the study of Chieftaincy title in Ozubulu.


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1.1    Background of the Study     –        –        –        –        –           1

1.2    Research Problems    –        –        –        –        –        –        –  2

1.3    Objective of the Study –        –        –        –        –        –    –      3

1.4     Scope of the Study  –    –     –     –        –       –          –       –    –  3

1.5      Research Limitations  –    –    –     –      –       –       –          –      4

1.6    Method of Data Collections –        –        –        –        –        –  4

1.7    Research Questions   –        –        –        –        –        –        –  4

1.8    Definition of Terms      –        –        –        –        –        –        –  5


2.0    LITERATURE REVIEW        –        –        –        –        –        –  7


3.0    RESEARCH METHODOLOGY    –   –      –      –      –       –     10

3.1    Research Design                  –        –        –        –        –        –        –   11

3.2    Participant Observation        –        –        –        –        –        –   13




4.1    Data Analysis     –        –        –        –        –        –        –        –    14

4.2    Data Presentation       –        –        –        –        –        –        –    23




5.1    Summary   –        –        –        –        –        –        –        –        –     27

5.2    Recommendation        –        –        –        –        –        –        –     27

5.3    Conclusion         –        –        –        –        –        –        –        –        –     28


References        –        –        –        –        –        –        –        –        –     29



1.0              INTRODUCTION

Costumes, colours and symbols seen in Ozubulu chieftaincy coronation title concerns with the clothing Attires, out fits of a chieftaincy title holder in Ozubulu and its symbols and significance.


Ozubulu Anakpu is a larger town in Anambra State, Nigeria. It is the headquarter of the Ekwusigo Local Government Area.

Ozubulu has four major autonomous communities in which are Amakwa, Egbema, Eziora and Nza. Other villages in Ekwusigo Local Government Area are lhembosi, lchi, and Oraifite, in Ozubulu, each community consists of twelve villages and above.

Ozubulu been the headquarters of Ekwusigo Local, Government Area lies between the latitude of 59500(557,000) (North) and longitude 68500 (650,600.000) (East). A major town strategically located with at the angular intersection of Nnewi/Owerri Road and Onitsha/Owerri express way.

Chieftaincy (OZO) means the leader or head of a group, especially of a clan or tribe. Chieftaincy coronation title is one of the biggest event, highly recognized and one of the most celebrated ceremonies in Ozubulu and lgbo land entire. Ozubulu chieftaincy titles are given to high accomplished men and women who are committed into order for the people of the title such as “NDI NZE OR NDI OZO”.These people receive insignia to show their status. Membership is highly expensive and to qualify for this great honour, an individual needs to be highly regarded and well-spoken of in Ozubulu community.

Chieftaincy titles are normally given to the individuals during “Ofala” festival. Ofala festival is an annual ceremony practiced by the indigenes of Ozubulu and also other villages in Anambra state also Ofala festival is celebrated as the renewal of a King or Obi.


Inadequate selection of costumes, and colours for the reflection of the Chieftaincy coronation in this process, the title holders wear a cloth that is not supposed to be worn on the day of coronation.

  • Poor knowledge on the use of the colours and combinations. This is a situation whereby the title holders do not know the use of the colour of his costume and how to combine them.
  • Poor knowledge on the tradition/symbolic use of costumes. This is a situation whereby the title holder does not really know the use of the costumes given to him/her and what it symbolizes.
  • Problem of frequent use of some costumes, colours and symbols. This is a process whereby titled men are seen with same costumes worn in coronations back then and till now and without trying something new due to civilization.


The purpose of the study can be itemized as follows:

  • To know the meaning of the costumes and colours seen in Ozubulu chieftaincy coronation titles and what they symbolizes.
  • To expose the distinction between title holder and non-title holders.
  • To identify the position of chieftaincy title settingof the people of Ozubulu.
  • To expose the functions or significance of chieftaincy (OZO) titled men in Ozubulu and Igbo lands in general.


This is concerned mainly in Ozubulu in Ekwusigo Local Government Area. The scopes include decisions and pictures of costumes, colours and symbols in Ozubulu Chieftaincy coronation title giving the meaning of the costumes and their symbols. It also discussed the role of titled individuals and the problems encountered in the chieftaincy titled holders.


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