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This project is design and construction of a sound detector with alarm system was done primarily to detector sound. It can be use in industrial and domestics. It employ four discreet stages with power supply which power the system.

The 1st block is pick up amplifier containing the microphone and the input which serve as a transformer which the function is to pick up the smallest sound that comes close to the amplifier

The second block is comparator with hysterias. The function as analogue to digital convector and also it help to accumulate amparm sound like sound of the gun short or any other heavy sound

Block three. This is transistor switching this stage consist three bipolar function transistor (BJI) with a decay circuit found using capacitor time constant (T – RC) with a 12v Re let, it output work function is to switch the alarm circuit.

Block four. This is the Alarm circuit, it’s function is the alarm tone. It is an stable mutivibertor that produce 1kH2 tone frequencies which sound as alarm signal with loud speaker which serves as an output transformer.




  • General description of project
  • Design objectives
  • Significance of the project
  • The report layout



  • Historical background of the project
  • Theories and models relevant to the design
  • List and description of the system component
  • Distinction between the existing method of design and the new approach.



  • Description of the system building blocks
  • System design specification
  • Block diagram of the system
  • Description of the overall operation of the system
  • Component list
  • Complete circuit diagram of sound detector with alarm system.


Implementation testing and results


Cost analysis conclusion and recommendation





Due to advance electron logy in the electronic which gave rise to automation of electronic system in domestic and industrial use. This development is what gave me the courage to choose a project topic on sound detector with alarm system. This system employ four discreet stages with power supply namely, the pick up microphone, Amplifier, Schmih trigger, thysistor switch circuit with rally circuit and 1kHz turn generator which from the alarm circuit at the input of the system a transducer which a capacitor microphone whose the function is to piece the sound and it out put to feed in to class. A amplifier microphone preamplifier of two transistor stage cable of amplifier the sound to a standard were it be accepted by the schmih trigger or built using comparator with hysterics. This comparator with hysterics is acting as amuroge to digital convector (AID) whose one put switching between high or low conditionally. An interface containing a transistor switching circuit with rally at it out put such that once a sound is pick up out the input the rally is energized capable of switching an alarm circuit on.


The main objective design of the project is to design and construct an electronically operated system capable of picking sound of a visitor at the door processing the alarm put natural sound wave to an out put electrical sound signal to alarm signal to alert the people inside the house  that some body is at the door outside, also it help increasing the standard exposure in the practical aspect of engineering training.


The project designed work on sound detector with alarm quite, applicable in almost every where like industries and for domestic use for instance it could serve as audio activated door bell for office installation also used to monitor an intruder in our domestic places.


For clarity and simplicity, the report is divided into five chapters. The chapter one deals on the introduction, which centers on general description of project, design objectives, significance of the project and the report layout. The next chapter which is chapter two is on the literature review which talks on the historical background of sound detector with alarm system theories and models relevant to the design, list and description of the system component and lastly distinction between the existing method of design and the new approach. Chapter three is on system design and which is all about the description of the system building blocks, system design specification, block diagram of the system, description of the overall operation of the system. Component list and complete circuit diagram of a sound detector with alarm system. Chapter four is on implementation, testing and results. Then chapter five is one cost analysis conclusion and recommendation.

As maximum measure of comprehensibility was ensured throughout the report. This is indicated by the pattern of presentation and consistent system of rotation. This I believe will ensure maximum reader satisfaction.


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