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Table Of Contents


  1. Certificate
  2. Preface
  3. Acknowledgement
  4. Organization Profile
  5. Introduction to ASP.NET using C#
  7. Planning Phase
  8. Analysis Phase
  9. Design & Implementation
  10. Screen Shots & their Description
  11. Testing
  12. Bibliography


Effective management of projects is vital for the development of economy because development itself is the effect of series of successful managed projects. This makes project management extremely important problem area for developing economy such as ours. Unfortunately many projects experience schedule slippage and cost overruns due to variety of reasons. To remedy the situation, a project has to be meticulously planned, effectively implemented and professionally managed to achieve the objective of the time, cost and performance. Computerization of the project management can play a major role in streamlining the management of project. Thus we see the computer becoming necessity in the day to day life. The use of computer also involves the feeling of healthy competition with the organization receiving much attention these days. Almost everyday uses of paper carry advertisements asking for project managers. The scenario was not so bright a few years back. For that matter even today though lots of seminars are held on project management, name of the universities in India  offer any course to students to formally qualify as project managers. Thus, while there is very little supply. This has created all sorts of problems. Project management, unfortunately, is not but project manager practice, our attempts to demonstrate how project management, as it is concerned, can be put into practice.

Organisational Profile



DOEACC Centre, Chandigarh is an autonomous society registered under The Societies Registration ACJXX9 of 1886. it is an autonomous body of Deptt. Of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India. It was established in 29th March, 1978 (Registration No. 1003). It works on no profit no loss basis.



  1. Encourage and promote the development and progress of Electronic Data Processing towards achieving self-reliance in the field of computer sciences and technology for scientific research and development, educational, governmental, commercial and industrial applications both for indigenous utilization as well as for export.


  1. Advance interdisciplinary co-operation amongst scientists, technologists, engineers , administrators and commercial entrepreneurs for the growth of teaching, research and practice of Electronic Data Processing System and Allied subjects in Academic Institutions, Centre and State Govts, Industrial Commercial and Research and Development Organizations.


  1. Disseminate knowledge on all aspects of Electronic Data Processing Systems and allied subjects and to favor the development of this specialized branch of technology.


  1. Simulate and offer aid for research and development for the benefit of manufacturers and users of Electronic Data Processing Systems.


  1. Help in the improvement of standards, terminology equipments, methods and implementation practices in the field of Electronic Data Processing System.



  1. Provide support for software development on consultancy basis.


  1. Establish, manage and operate sub Centres for all or any of the objectives of the centres, in addition to these objectives the Centre may involve in the following activities:


    • Setup advisory and consultancy services.


    • Organize study programs, symposiums, conferences, lectures.


    • Maintain contacts with other learned and professional organizations.


    • Support publication activities.


    • Make available facilities of the Centre for the users.


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