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This study is aimed at identifying the possible needs for the establishment of counseling centers in Primary Schools in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State.

The instrument used for collection of data’s or information in this research is mainly the questionnaire.  The questionnaire was administered to one hundred and twenty respondents selected randomly in Egor Local Government Area.

To test the validity of the stated hypothesis from their responses it was discovered that many at their respondents are of the opinion that there should be counseling centers in primary schools in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State.

Some findings were also made in this research which will be benefit to the establishment of counseling centers.  This includes the fact that counseling centers will be of great benefit of pupil, teachers, parents government and society in general.

In conclusion the presence of counseling centers in primary school will help to solve some of the problems facing the teacher’s pupils relationship, discipline moral and the standard of education in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State.



It would be of great help to   discuss guidance     and counseling and how in how it came into Nigeria. Before taking our mind into the need for the need of counseling center in primary school in Edo state, i will first look into the terms guidance and counseling and could be used separately and may be exchange, although they are not necessary syndromes guidance is an umbrella terms for both guidance and Counselling while Counselling is an essential part of guidance.

Some authors have claimed that attempt to differentiate between guidance and Counselling have not met with any notice degree of meaning they went further to say that differences between them are artificial and that the term could be interchangeable

According to Downing (1992) guidance is the assistance given to enable a person gain clarification of the essence of this like.  The essense is a meaningful selfhood freedom individual, dignity equality of opportunities responsible citizenship and worthy activity in work and leisure.

According to Shertzer and Stone  (1996) sees guidance as a process of helping the individual to understand himself and also come to know that people he interacts with more deeply.  It is also the process of helping individual to discover his vocational social and psychological potentials and likewise development.

Mertin et al (1995) defined counseling as a process which take place in pone-relationship between as individual faced with problem which he cannot cope with alone, and a professional worker whose training and experience qualify him to assist other to arrive at solution interaction that occurs between two individual that is a counselor and a client or counselee.

According to Eduwen (1994) counseling is a contact between a counselor and a counselee to overcome his crises, on the other hand, guidance and counseling services are desirable responses to social needs and aspiration.


Counseling center is essential to all levels of education unfortunately there has been no record of any counseling centres in primary school in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State.  Due to this development, the pupils cannot identify their talents because of lack of counseling.  Furthermore many pupils do not know the importance of education and the work around them and therefore, they do not take their environment seriously.

All principals of schools or heads of schools and parents always have the notion that the essence of education is for the child to acquire knowledge only but that is not all.  The aim of education will be well defined it the pupils can out of interest or ambition choose a trade or vocation.  The number of school drop outs, the rate of juvenile delinquency, armed robbing as well as other social ills such as lack of respect for constituted authorities and a host of others will continue to increase with absence of counseling centers in primary schools.


The main purpose of this study is to tined out the need for counseling centers in primary schools in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State.

It will also investigate it ignorance of the usefulness of counseling is a major problem hindering the setting up of counseling centers in primary schools in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State before now.

Accordingly, this study will also investigate and identify other problems facing implementation of counseling centers in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State and makes appropriate recommendation to the authorities.


This study is significant for the following reasons in primary schools in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State.  It will also provide opportunities for the researcher and others to obtain firsthand information on how counseling centers will be provided in primary schools in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State.

This study is also paramount, as it will help to fine out the individual problems of pupils, thereby helping them to overcome these problems and enhance effective teaching and learning.  It will be of great importance to the pupils, teachers, parents, society, counselors, constituted authorities and many others.  It will also help to create good morals in the pupils to know the usefulness of Education and make them work very hard to achieve success.  It will be of huge not appropriate to teachers and pupils who may have had a number of complex problems associated with their careers.

It addition, practicing counseling will enable the teachers to think the result of this study useful in the discharge of their duties.

Finally the researcher hopes that the result or outcome of this study will help the educational planner to see the need for counseling centers in primary schools in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State.


This study was carried out in some elected primary school in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State.

These schools does includes:

  1. Ezor Primary school
  2. Uwelu Primary School
  3. Eweka Primary School
  4. Standard Primary School
  5. Blessed At. Paul memorial school
  6. Step Forward group of school
  7. New Discovery group of school
  8. O.L.A Primary School
  9. Emota Primary School
  10. Adesuwa Primary School

The investigation covered primary school pupils from primary 4 – 6 using at least one hundred (100) students randomly selected from each of the classes in different school so selected.

Moreover, some homes in Egor Local Government Area was also visited.


  1. would there be need for counseling center in primary school?
  2. will the provision of counseling center in primary school’s be at great help to parents and teachers?
  3. is the establishment of counseling units in primary schools of ny benefit to teachers?
  4. will counseling centers in primary schools help pupils?
  5. is counseling centers in primary schools of great help to government?


Due to the following limitation, I (the researcher) was faced with a lot of human problem.  The outstanding among this short coming were fiancial constraint which in all practical terms affected the investigation process so also was time factor, lack of material, which was heightened by the fact that the researcher had to keep face with my academics while carrying out this project.  As a result of these limitation the researchers could not get a hundred (100%) respondents attention to the research work.  Also that cost another constituted major problem.


Counseling – is the act of listening to people and giving them support to their problem.

Centers – a place certain activities are carried out

Client – some one who uses the services of a professional person or organization

Implementation – to take active or make changes that you have officially leaded should happen

Authority – the powers you have because of your official position or because of people respect four knowledge and experience.


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